Up periscope 139

Stars & Stripes reports:

The Spangdahlem airman behind the wheel of the car that crashed last July, killing two other airmen, goes to court Monday to face manslaughter and negligent homicide charges, an Air Force spokeswoman said Friday.

Bryan County News reports some of the voir dire in Bozicvich.  It looks like they started out with 16 potential members and have gotten down to 12.  It’s not clear if any new members are to be appointed, or the status of preemptory challenges.

However, the Coastal Courier reports that, “Military Judge Col. Tara Osborn ruled she would allow the defense and the government one additional pre-emptory challenge each, meaning each side could dismiss one potential juror without cause. Her ruling followed the defense’s request for additional pre-emptory challenges.”  This may be a misstatement because there is already one allowed.

Navy Times reports:

An executive officer of a regional command in Singapore was fired Friday for creating a hostile work environment and failing to follow orders, the Navy said.

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