Up periscope

Air Force Times reports a case of reach for the stars:

Allan Poulin Jr. dreamed of flying a fighter and landed a job interview with an F-16 reserve unit. The squadron leadership didn’t want him. The wing commander offered Poulin a job anyway.

Poulin struggled at Officer Training School. The school commander signed off on his dismissal. A one-star ordered him reinstated.

Next came undergraduate pilot training. Poulin finished last in his class and was told to report to the squadron that trains cargo and tanker pilots. He reported to the fighter track.

Behind each move, Poulin’s superiors saw the influence of his father — Maj. Gen. Allan Poulin, vice commander of Air Force Reserve Command. It was interference that ultimately forced the two-star to retire.

Reminds me somewhat of United States v. Kelly, 40 M.J. 558 (N-M.C.M.R. 1994).

Military.com reports a follow up with Flag Mast and a DFC for CDR Harms.

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