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Huffington Post reports that the USNA has expelled three for synthetic spice related charges, for a total of 11 dismissals in 2011.

Air Force Times reports further action on the military draw down:  12 Article 15’s for involvement with “spice.”

According to Foreign Policy:

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told an audience at MIT on Thursday that he thought the Defense Department’s treatment of alleged ****** source Private Bradley Manning was “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.”

Mr. Crowley has clarified that:

“What I said was my personal opinion. It does not reflect an official USG policy position. I defer to the Department of Defense regarding the treatment of Bradley Manning,” Crowley told The Cable.

A similar report appears on BBC.

eprisenow.com reports:

Bond goes up $25,000 for Army sergeantAn Army staff sergeant arrested on child pornography charges and a litany of other offenses was sentenced to 50 years confinement Wednesday following a court martial at Fort Rucker.

Dustin Ray Hogan, 31, pleaded guilty this week to 16 counts of rape and other sexual offenses against children, six counts of sodomy and three counts of production and possession of child pornography. The sentencing occurred late Wednesday following a two-day court martial hearing.

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