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Fayobserver reports:

Timothy Hennis’ trial record is now in the hands of Maj. Gen. Rodney Anderson, Fort Bragg’s acting commanding general, a Fort Bragg spokeswoman said Friday.

Hennis’ attempt at a new court-martial was denied late last month by a military judge, meaning his case now moves to Fort Bragg’s commanding general for review.

The Standard-Examiner reports:

An Army Reserve sergeant had his case dismissed by the state of Utah on Tuesday, but he is not off the hook.

Keith Houston Turner, 52, will now likely have his case handled by the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

"We filed it initially thinking it might be more fair to do it here, because the military justice system runs a little more slowly," said Deputy Davis County Attorney Rick Westmoreland. "But as we got into it, it just didn’t seem right that we were expending state resources for what really was a military matter."

Turner is charged with second-degree felony communications fraud. He is accused of selling or pawning military items, such as computers and uniforms, on eBay between Aug. 1, 2006, and May 31, 2007.

The Day (Groton, CN) reports:

A sailor could get kicked out of the Navy for going inside Cory’s Petroleum.

The gas and service station on Route 12, about 2 miles from the Naval Submarine Base, sells pouches of Salvia divinorum, an herb that produces hallucinogenic effects when chewed or smoked.

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