Up periscope 111

Dayton Daily News reports:

William C. Gurney, former top enlisted man at the Air Force Materiel Command headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, was sentenced at his court-martial on Friday to 20 months in military prison.

Air Force Times reports:

The Air Force Academy is investigating about 25 cadets for allegedly using the illegal marijuana like drug spice, it announced Friday.

In the same way the “definition” of ecstasy was corrupted by law enforcement, so goes “spice.”  The “true” spice refers to salvia divornum.  That (currently) legal product produces a marijuana like high.  Drug “developers” being who they are they have successfully created an analog which is more like marijuana.

According to KJCT8 and The Denver Post:

The Academy said Friday that five cadets have already been expelled for using spice since April, when the superintendent issued an order banning it.

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