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WHIO reports:

A 27-year Air Force veteran has pleaded guilty to 13 counts of sexual misconduct in his court martial at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.  Chief Master Sergeant William Gurney still faces trial on 5 other counts against him.

NY Daily News reports:

Army leaders are weighing a new probe after the Daily News found evidence that former commanders in Iraq covered up the actions of an officer who shot a fellow G.I. – and left him to die.

Air Force Times reports:

Military officials are tight-lipped about what, if any, punishment an Alabama Air National Guard fighter-wing commander may have received following an investigation that concluded he had received nearly $96,000 in unauthorized comp time and had regularly flown an F-16 fighter jet on personal trips.

NBC reports (on Manning):

The officials told NBC News, however, that a U.S. Marine commander did violate procedure when he placed Manning on "suicide watch" last week.

Military officials said Brig Commander James Averhart did not have the authority to place Manning on suicide watch for two days last week, and that only medical personnel are allowed to make that call.

The official said that after Manning had allegedly failed to follow orders from his Marine guards. Averhart declared Manning a "suicide risk."

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