Up periscope! 08012012

Week Ahead.

LA Times reports that a panel of two officers and four enlisted have been selected for United States v. Wuterich.  Merits to begin Monday.

Week Behind.

Ledger-Enquirer reports:  One of five soldiers accused in the downtown beating of a former soldier was acquitted Wednesday during a court martial at Fort Benning.

United States v. Wuterich is underway.

Military.com reports:  The Navy announced another 2011 firing this week, bringing the tally of top leaders fired last year to 35, 27 of which were commanding or executive officers. The sacking spree sunk a 2003 record of 23 such firings.

Air Force Times reports:  Three cadets at the Air Force Academy have been charged in separate cases involving sexual misconduct, the service academy announced Thursday.

Outside the Wire reports:  The soldier whose rape case is largely responsible for the curfew for American service members in South Korea is asking for a reduction in his 10-year sentence, Stripes reports.

This week,  U.S. Forces Korea announced that the curfew will continue indefinitely and, starting Saturday, the hours will be revised to 1 to 5 a.m. every day, Stripes reports.  The move comes after Gen. James D. Thurman, USFK commander, twice set deadlines for the curfew and then extended it.

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