Technology and the fourth amendment

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The only good news out of the Fort Hood massacre is that U.S. electronic surveillance technology was able to pick up Major Hasan’s phone calls to an al Qaeda-loving imam in Yemen. The bad news is the people and agencies listening to Hasan didn’t know what to do about it. Other than nothing.

The other bad news may be that a number of politicians, particularly Hoekstra, having been disclosing this information to the public.  No wonder the CIA and other agencies are suspicious of giving “delicate” shall we say information to Congress.

Thanks to FourthAmendment blog:

Engle, Eric Allen, New Technologies and the Fourth Amendment (November 3, 2009). Available at SSRN:

I’ve seen a few interesting developments in court-martial cases as a result of technology.  May be worth the read.

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