Technical advice to end the year

I follow because he has one of the great sites for lawyers like myself who travel with an office-in-the-briefcase.  Here is an interesting blog for the end of the year.  No this isn’t a gadget or a piece of software.  But the “procedure” may come in handy.  Hopefully it doesn’t bowl you over with laughing too hard.

Regular readers of this blog know that I have dropped smart phones in various water graves; twice, in the toilet (don’t ask), and once in a swimming pool, and once in Tampa Bay. In each case, I did my best to dry them out, but, alas, they died a terrible death. Now, LifeHacker informs me that I could have dried them in a bowl of rice, which, because of its ability to soak up moisture, can save wet electronics if applied soon enough. Since my accidents, I have been a lot more careful with my smartphones, so I hope I never have to try this one out. However, if it happens to you, keep this one in your pocket just in case.

Testimonial: Rice Resurrects Even the Most Soaked of Gadgets – Cellphones – Lifehacker.

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