Take that

Maybe this trial counsel and his leadership aren’t so great? Will the AF allow him to remain in trial counsel duties?

As trial counsel tried to establish his bona fides with the court members during voir dire, he introduced himself as an attorney of considerable experience and gravitas:

I’m a senior trial counsel assigned to Peterson Air Force Base. In that capacity I travel around the world, between 200 and 250 days a year, prosecuting the Air Force’s most serious cases.
… And on behalf of the United States of America, I am happy to be prosecuting this case.

Despite his self-described expertise, trial counsel’s findings and rebuttal arguments were riddled with egregious misconduct, much of which amounted to clear, obvious error. We are most concerned with trial counsel’s: (1) personal attacks on defense counsel; (2) personal attacks on Appellant; and (3) expressing personal opinions, bolstering and vouching.

United States v. Voorhees, CAAF June 2019.

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