Stolen Valor update

Question, if he served at least three years in the Army, and he left active duty as a PFC, is it not likely that he was disciplined at some point and reduced in rank?

With the aid of Maggies Farm (Stolen Honor as a Pick-up Line?), Moonbattery, (Captain Chinpubes below was spotted at a grand Victory party for Moonbat Houston Mayor Annise Parker), and cdr salamander, here is a better shot and a breakdown of the awards claimed by

Well, lets review the "awards" at least. You can see a high-res here and a full-frontal here.image
His decorations include;

Round Patch, right side says "Central Intelligence Agency." Ummm yea. Great start.  Awards:

Around the neck is the British Commander of the British Empire.
2 Distinguished Service Cross, Air Medal, Flying Cross, 2 Silver Star
Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense [Service Medal]

Devices:  SAS crest, CIB w/ 2 stars, Master jump wings, Helo pilot badge, Air assault wings, Pathfinder
…. and so on. How did he ever have the time to complete JPME 1 & II?

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