Search incident.

United States v. Goode, No. 07-2269, 2009 U. S. App. LEXIS 2471, unpublished op. (3d Cir. 9 February 2009).

The interesting point for this case is that the court found that telling a person to stop, ordering them to lie on the ground, and placing them in handcuffs is merely an investigative "stop."  Once additional evidence is developed then the person can be arrested and then searched incident to arrest.

Fortunately this is not a situation likely to occur in military cases on base.  But the case is interesting to read for a reminder of searches incident to arrest.

United States v. Vazquez, No. 08-4044, 2009 U.S. App. LEXIS 2473, (10th Cir. 10 February 2009), also has discussions about the timing of warrantless searches.

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