Sadly more on attorney Paul Bergrin

We previously noted the serious allegations against attorney Paul Bergrin for alleged racketeering, witness tampering, and murder.

Stunning development

David Kocieniewski, Lawyer’s Ways Spelled Murder, U.S. Is Charging, NY Times, 20 May 2009.  In June Mr. Bergrin plead not guilty to these charges, according to

Sarah Rice, The Star-Ledger
Mr. Bergrin has had a prominent role in defending a number of military personnel.

Here another stunning development.  Here is a report of his having plead guilty in a different case involving a prostitution ring and acting as counsel for the “ring.”

N.J. lawyer pleads guilty to helping run N.Y. prostitution ring, by Joe Ryan/The Star-Ledger.

Bergrin, a former Army major with a thin mustache, wore a dark grey pinstriped suit and red tie today as he stood before Judge Thomas Farber in lower Manhattan. Afterward, he expressed relief at pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. …

Authorities say that’s when Bergrin took over the business. The lawyer was arrested in 2007, charged in indictments with money laundering, conspiracy, promoting prostitution and misconduct by an attorney.

But in the end, prosecutors agreed to much lesser charges. Bergrin faces up to three years probation and must forfeit $50,000 when sentenced Sept. 15. He did not plead guilty to a felony and, consequently, will not automatically lose his right to practice law, said his attorney, Gerald Shargel.

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