Rolling Stone update

Stars & Stripes reports:

In response to Rolling Stone’s article accusing a top general in Afghanistan of instructing subordinates to use psychological operations techniques on visiting U.S. dignitaries, the general’s chief spokesman, Lt. Col. Shawn Stroud, has sent a “personal message” to colleagues and members of the media to “categorically deny the assertion.”

New York Times reports:

The spokesman for a three-star general accused of instructing troops to carry out “psychological operations” to sway visiting members of Congress said Saturday that the general was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Salon has an interesting piece about the media reaction itself.  The nub of the article is here:

That’s what our establishment media outlets largely are for:  to disseminate and amplify the messages of our most powerful political, military and financial factions without any accountability. 

Indeed, this is exactly the same thing that happened when Hastings published his McChrystal story.  Several of the largest media outlets granted anonymity to military leaders to attack Hastings and impugn his character[.]

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