Recorded interrogations

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is concluding a pilot program of recorded suspect interviews.

From experience viewing this video-recorded interviews all of the military services should adopt the practice.

Thomas P. Sullivan has put together a wonderful publication which documents the history and current status of recorded suspect interviews not just in the United States but in other countries.  His monograph is the best argument for recording interviews.  He has other publications along the same theme.

On an interesting note he points out that before it was law enforcement objecting to recorded interviews with defense counsel clamoring for them.  Now that the effectiveness of such recorded interviews has been proven, the tables have turned.

"The Case for Recording Police Interrogation," Litigation, American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation, Vol. 34, No. 3, Spring 2008
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  • "Police Experiences with Recording Custodial Interrogations," a Special Report Authored by Thomas P. Sullivan, Summer 2004
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