Quality assurance.

“The Army has reached it’s end strength numbers and believes it can easily reach the additional 22,000 SECDEF authorized last month. It is reinstating its Qualitative Management Program (QMP) that screens E-6 to E-9 records for any behavioral or legal problems and then separates those Soldiers.”

Keep in mind the new policy that those in paygrade E-6 and above are to report civilian convictions to their command.  Failure to do so will be an orders violation.  This link should take you to the DoD policy memorandum.

I constantly am asked by former military personnel if they can re-enlist.  In almost all instances they have a GD or OTH, and at least an RE-3.  The QMP is just another reason why a negative discharge will be harder to overcome.

There is nothing to lose by contesting an OTH notification by asking for a Board.  Remember, if you waive the Board, the DRB considers this a specific factor “in aggravation” and often cause for denial of an upgrade request.

/tip, Neal Puckett.


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