No brainer

Howard Bashman at howappealing found this article.

Today’s edition of The Montreal Gazette contains an article that begins, "When can a lawyer criticize a judge? Lawyers — as well as judges and professional orders representing lawyers across Canada — will be closely watching the outcome of a Supreme Court of Canada case that begins next Wednesday."

To me this was a no brainer.  This —

The Canadian Judicial Council, an organization that has the power to investigate a judge’s conduct, in July reprimanded Boilard, stating his remarks to Dore in the courtroom were "unjustified and unacceptable," "pointlessly humiliating" and a "flagrant lack of respect."

doesn’t justify this —

Montreal criminal lawyer Gilles Dore [wrote] a blistering personal letter to Quebec Superior Court Justice Jean-Guy Boilard in June 2001.

intended to be private or otherwise.

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