New spice reports:

The Air Force has started drug testing airmen for synthetic forms of marijuana this week, making it the first service to announce such screening.

What actually they will be testing for is clear.  But it’s not spice, which is actually salvia divornium; that can’t be tested for currently.  Other drugs incorrectly called “spice” can be.  These misnamed new drugs are manufactured and can be tested for; essentially you have a form of marijuana.  I’m wondering if the lack of specificity and the confusing over what is spice or isn’t may be way to litigate these cases.

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  1. SueDB says:

    In my experience in 20 years of the military (retired enlisted Army) – I found the service would much rather use the cheaper method of piss testing rather than actually trying to fix the problem of drug abuse in the armed forces…In fact during my time, they made a little progress on solving things, but jumped the gun screwing up thousands of tests in the 80’s – lots of ruined careers over it.

    It would rather hunt down and punish rather than uplift and improve.

    It is just cheaper…