New drug of “choice”

And what a choice.

Schriever AFB paper has a report about “bath salts” being the latest drug craze – “scourge.”

CPT K. and I had this come up this week in a drug case.  We were putting the prosecution’s primary witness (the accomplice and co-conspirator) on trial for his drug use.  He admitted to using “bath salts” (as well as other drugs while pending court-martial.  The prosecution called an expert to establish that the accused and others were using hashish while in A/stan.

So on cross-examination I asked the expert about ‘fake cocaine’ meaning bath salts.  “TOXIC” that was the first word she said.  She then described other ‘symptoms’ such as delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, etc.  So the war on drugs is going quite well, we are moving our young troops and people to ever more toxic substances.

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