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Sex Offender Registration Laws and the Uniform Code of Military Justice: A Primer

I follow SOR issues very closely for current clients, past clients, and the all too frequent new client.

The article is good!  You can get a good picture of how complicated it can be when advising a client on SOR issues.

However, I suspect there was a publishing lag (and testament to how fast SOR laws are changing around the country either as to law or to enforcement issues).  Here is a recent case from Missouri which holds federal law to trump state law on SOR issues.  I have a former (clemency and parole) client who was convicted 20 years ago who is now being required to register for the first time in MO because of this case.  This is on my one of my favorites (a very valuable site):  Prof. Cory Yung’s “Sex Crimes” blog.

MO High Court Rules Federal Sex Offender Registration Trumps State

Sentencing Law & Policy has an interesting post discussing a new Missouri Supreme Court ruling, which raises some interesting Tenth Amendment issues. You may read the opinion here. From the Kansas City Star

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