Navy CO firings

Here’s Admiral Harvey commenting on the USS PONCE (LPD) case.  Listed in a piece is a summary of the prior DFC’s this year:

  • USS THE SULLIVANS– Multiple operational incidents culminating with a buoy collision that damaged the port screw while deployed.
  • USS JOHN L HALL – Collision with a pier while deployed
  • USS TRUXTUN – Inappropriate relationship with a junior member of the wardroom.
  • NCTS Bahrain – Inappropriate relationships with several members of the command.
  • USS GUNSTON HALL – Sexual harassment, maltreatment of subordinates, assault, drunk and disorderly conduct. Command Master Chief (CMC) also relieved for failure to take appropriate action for inappropriate/unprofessional behavior.
  • USS MEMPHIS – Cheating ring involving exams.
  • NMCB 21 – Failure to address inappropriate/unprofessional behavior by subordinates. CMC also relieved for failure to take appropriate action for fraternization and unduly familiar relationships.
  • USS ENTERPRISE – Exceptional lack of judgment while XO of ENTERPRISE.
  • USS STOUT – Failure to take action to deter unprofessional behavior in overseas ports, hostile command climate. CMC also relieved for failure to correct a pervasive pattern of unprofessional behavior by the ship’s crew.
  • USS PONCE – Dereliction of duty, unprofessional conduct, favoritism, hostile command climate. Executive Officer (XO also relieved for being complicit by action and inaction in creating a hostile, unprofessional and unsafe environment onboard PONCE.
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