Nature of soldiers’ actions to be focus of court-martial

Sun Sep 27, 2009, by John Ramsey, Staff writer, The Fayetteville Observer.

Sgt. Justin A. Boyle recognized the men who showed up at the Ugly Stick Saloon in July 2008.

Like the men Boyle had accompanied to the bar, they were part of his intelligence unit in the 82nd Airborne Division.

In that group was 6-foot, 250-pound Pfc. Luke Brown, the only one in the bunch bigger than Boyle. Brown had a reputation as a rowdy drinker.

As the night progressed, Brown grew agitated, nearly starting a fight with a stranger before running wildly into the woods.

Boyle and other men in his unit went after Brown, intent on making sure everyone got home safely.

Sixteen months later, Boyle prepares to stand trial on charges of involuntary manslaughter in Brown’s death. His trial starts this week on Fort Bragg.

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