Motive to lie

We know that some people lie about being sexually assaulted.

We know that one of the reasons–motives–or as psychologists say “the secondary gain,” is to protect a marriage or relationship.

We know that some women are like men, they cheat on their spouse.

Yet investigators often ignore these knowns–in following orders to believe the “victim” and through confirmation bias.

Yet some persistent in denying this happens and presume guilt and follow confirmation bias to the desired conclusion.

Occasionally, the truth comes out. Thus this release from the federal prosecutors in Virginia.

A Chesapeake woman pleaded guilty today to lying to Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigators about an alleged sexual assault that occurred aboard Naval Station Norfolk.

According to court documents, in July 2018 Miranda H. Overton, 21, made a report to NCIS alleging that an active duty Navy sailor sexually assaulted her. After opening an investigation into the alleged assault, the alleged perpetrator was interviewed, and he explained that he had consensual sex with Overton after they met on an online dating application. Investigators then obtained surveillance video from the day of the alleged assault revealing that Overton and the sailor kissed in the elevator immediately prior to the alleged assault. Furthermore, investigators obtained Overton’s statement during her sexual assault forensic examination where she admitted that prior to meeting with alleged perpetrator they agreed to have sexual intercourse. Investigators subsequently interviewed Overton a second time during which she admitted her allegation was false and had made another false allegation in the past. Overton admitted that she fabricated the allegation out of fear that her significant other would end their relationship if the significant other became aware that Overton had sex with the sailor. (Emphasis added.)

The statement of facts submitted to the court is available on PACER and contains additional facts of importance.


  • Get the SANE exam. There is quite a bit of possible information in the report valuable for defense.
  • Get the CCTV or other video. You may be lucky.
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