Military justice news — from Arkansas

Courtesy of the Booneville Democrat we now know that

Several bills . . . are among a number of bill filings this week at the State Capitol in preparation for the 91st General Assembly regular session.

They include:

  • House Bill 1059, by Rep. House, would criminalize the violation of a military order of protection to allow state prosecution of such an order, in addition to any penalties that may be prescribed by military authorities.
  • House Bill 1060, by Rep. House, would raise the maximum fine for contempt of a military court to $500, from the current maximum of $100.
  • House Bill 1061, by Rep. House, would extend the statute of limitations for military justice from the current three years to five years.
  • House Bill 1062, by Rep. House, would amend the law concerning the issuance of process, mandates, and subpoenas issued by military courts martial to include those issued by a military judge to be directed to and enforced by local law enforcement.
  • House Bill 1063, by Rep. House, would amend the law regarding procedures used by military courts to give the governor executive authority over military courts of the organized militia.
  • House Bill 1064, by Rep. House, would extend the offense of second degree criminal impersonation to anyone who fraudulently claims to be a member of the armed forces or National Guard.
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