Megans’ Law: Effective?

Dr. Karen Franklin is one of many reporting the results of a survey in New Jersey on the effectiveness of Megan's law.

Karen Franklin, Megan's Law:  Millions for Nothing, 5 February 2009.  Bottom line:

Despite their enormous popularity, little research has been conducted into whether they work.

Now, a federally funded study (submitted December 2008) of New Jersey's law has found the following dramatic effects:

    * Effects on sex offender recidivism: NONE
    * Effects on time to first re-arrest: NONE
    * Effects on number of victims: NONE
    * Effects on state budget: $3.9 million-plus (as of 2007)

The bottom-line conclusion?

"Given the lack of demonstrated effect of Megan's Law on sexual offenses, the growing costs may not be justifiable."

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