LTC Lakin

Interesting, someone appears to have received a response to a request for information to APF.

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From: Margaret Hemenway
Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Request from the Safeguard our Constitution Website
To: (——)
(——), LTC Lakin worked with the Foundation over this past wk-end to ensure that our educational efforts continued and there was no disruption even given his retaining new legal counsel- we are making clear that our focus is on strategic communications, his public relations and outreach and mobilization, raising his public visibility over the next few critical weeks with court-martial only weeks away- but we are not providing his legal defense. The most important actions needed now are raising public pressure and awareness of his plight- contacting elected officials on his behalf and spreading the word to others.  We are dealing with an entrenched media blockade on his issue and working diligently to surmount it– Thanks for writing- and keep the faith!

Does this mean APF is no longer paying the legal fees with all the money being solicited and possibly received?

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