It does make you wonder . . . over to you

A Facebook post about military sexual assault training:

“There’s no need to try to understand why sexual assaults are up 550% in the Military. All women have no ability to think after one drink and are not responsible for their actions but a Male soldier is responsible for his actions with one drink. What an insult to women everywhere!!¬†”

Instructor: “if you sleep with your wife after she’s been drinking you actually just raped her because she is too incapacitated to consent”

Airman: “what if I’ve been drinking too?”

Instructor: “doesn’t matter, you’re still responsible for your actions and should know better”

Airman: “so if my wife and I drink the same amount, she’s too incapacitated to say yes to sex, but I’m not too incapacitated to know the AF thinks I’m raping my wife…”

Instructor: “yes”

Or as another colleague has suggested. ¬†Make this your wedding day, and you and your now wife have only had a glass of champagne each with the toast–and later have you know what.

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