In the Supremes

SCOTUSBlog reports their “petition of the day,” which is a criminal evidence case with potential relevance to military justice practitioners – Childers v. Florida, if granted.

Issue two is:

2. Should the Court resolve a conflict in the Circuits and clarify whether its Confrontation Clause
precedents, Olden v. Kentucky, 488 U.S. 227 (1988), Delaware v. Van Arsdall, 475 U.S. 673 (1986), and
Davis v. Alaska, 415 U.So 308 (1974), permit a trial court to preclude cross-examination into the bias of a key witness on the ground that the trial court has allowed some cross-examination into bias.

Other cases to follow:

Williams v. Illinois.

Missouri v. Frye, Lafler v. Cooper.  Each of these cases deals with IAC at the time of pretrial negotiations, as does Premo v. Moore, which was decided 19 January 2011.

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