Humor in military uniform

A piece of such humor came over my electronic transom today.

I am a Military Defense Paralegal in the United States Air Force stationed at xxx. I am currently doing some research for my leadership at the AF Trial Defense Western/Pacific Region. We are collecting data to articulate the value of our services to our clients. As you know we do not charge for our services, however over the years the military legal offices have kept track of the savings they have provided military members for legal assistance matters i.e. Powers of Attorney, Wills, and other legal services. The AF Defense community would like to start keeping track of just how much money it would cost for military members to be represented by civilian counsel. This data is being collected only for internal use and performance reports for Military Defense Counsel and Military Defense Paralegals. While I realize the cost for defense services varies with each case, we would like to get an estimate cost for the below listed services. If you could give me a low and high estimate cost for each of the below services, I will average the results with other responses. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this request. If you have any questions, please call me at my office xxx, my cell xxx, or email xxx.

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