Honor Graduate

At 08.20, 24 April 2009, CAPT Kevin J. Barry, USCG (Ret.) became an honor graduate of life. 

His death is a loss not just to his family and friends but to the military justice community as a whole.  Kevin worked hard and long as an advocate for his clients, for the system, and an advocate for changes in military justice.  He spoke with passion, with clarity, and with knowledge.  His views were not always accepted, but they are universally respected as is he as a person.  Kevin practiced the profession of law, not the business.

For many of us he was a mentor, an inspiration, and a good friend in our professional lives.  For some of us his inspiration and courage went well beyond that into our personal lives.  Watching and listening to him in his struggles against cancer gave others hope and the will to fight their own struggles.

He’ll be missed, but good memories remain.

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