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Two-Thirds Of Military Supreme Court Cases Are About CP

Perhaps a little known reality is the overwhelming flow of CP appeals into the docket of the U.S. military’s highest appellate court.  About two-thirds of the docket in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces consists of  CP appeals.

So, is it the Supremes, or is it CAAF.

Is it petitions, or is it grants.  This seems a rather odd statistic, I would have thought 120 related cases would be a bigger contributor to the military supreme court.

I agree that lawyers and judges need to have a far better understanding of computers, the internet, and how these kinds of cases should be investigated and litigated.


United States v. Kelly was decided last term.

During that term the court issued 39 published opinions.

Six of those cases involved child pornography.  I’m a lawyer not a mathematician, but I don’t think that is two-thirds.

Now that’s all pretty unscientific because it does not account for petitions filed that may be CP related.

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