Emailers and fantacists beware.

The Volokh Conspiracy is reporting on an interesting obscenity conviction in the Fourth Circuit.

The cautionary tale – do not blog, chat, email, or in any other way discuss through the internet your secret fantasy of what you’d like to do with a child sexually.  Besides being a very very obnoxious, unwholesome, and disgusting idea, it can get you prosecuted and convicted.

Obscenity Conviction for Adult-to-Adult Noncommercial E-mail About (Fantasy) Sex With Children:

I blogged last December about the Fourth Circuit opinion (U.S. v. Whorley) upholding this conviction; yesterday, the Fourth Circuit denied rehearing en banc, with only one vote in favor of en banc review — that of Judge Gregory, who dissented from the panel opinion.

Eugene Volokh, 16 June 2009.

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