Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Here is information concerning President Obama’s recent comments on DADT.

Obama urges lesbian, gay patience overturning ‘unjust laws’ (text from the L.A. Times)

Remarks by President Obama at the LGBT Pride Month White House Reception, June 29, 2009.

Here is Volokh Conspiracy’s multiple choice test on the comments.

To deal with this grave and urgent threat to national security, the Commander-in-Chief announced that he will immediately:

(1) Suspend enforcement of DADT in its entirety for the duration of the war, claiming ample constitutional and statutory authority.

(2) Issue a stop-loss order barring DADT expulsions for certain classes of "mission-critical" specialists.

(3) Order the Defense Department to halt DADT investigations and other inquiries into soldiers’ sexual orientation.

(4) Demand that Congress act now to repeal DADT.

(5) Ask that a plan be developed on an unspecified time schedule for the repeal of DADT at some indefinite point in the future.

(Pick one.)

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