Commander publically discusses giving an Article 15

For those following the animal cruelty case at Fort Bliss, and also noting CAAFLogs reference to a potential new “charge” in the UCMJ of animal cruelty, here is a public discussion by the Fort Bliss garrision commander about his decision to issue an Article 15, UCMJ, punishment.

Fort Bliss Garrison Commander Col. Edward Manning talked to KFOX about the latest on the Frank Zimmerman case and his punishment.

As KFOX reported, Spc. Zimmerman who is charged with animal cruelty received an official reprimand by Manning, himself in April. Zimmerman is accused of stomping on the neck of his dog Tinkerbell and breaking his other dog, Wrigley’s, hind leg.

Manning was criticized by animal-rights advocates for disciplining Zimmerman under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which is a non-judicial punishment.

Manning said legal council (sic) advised him to discipline Zimmerman under Article 15.

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