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I’m used to having some media interest in my cases or being asked to comment on someone else’s.  With that in mind, I try hard to be careful on staying within bounds of what can be said or which can but shouldn’t.

The 48th Criminal Law Seminar for VACLE has this module.

Trial Publicity, Social Media, and Case Commentary: Can Litigating in the Court of Public Opinion Get Lawyers into Trouble?
Paul E. Fletcher, James M. McCauley, Conrad M. Shumadine, Hon. Michael N. Herring (Charlottesville moderator), Hon. Colin D. Stolle (Williamsburg moderator)

Lawyers sometimes comment on pending cases or attempt to seek an advantage by using media attention to support their case. In other instances, lawyers may believe that media attention is putting their client or their case in a bad light, deserving a public response. This panel will explore the lawyer’s use of media—both traditional and social—to advocate a client’s position, or to protect their client’s reputation or other legal interests. The panel will discuss ethical and legal restrictions on lawyer speech during criminal investigations or trial.

I’m going to Williamsburg.  Virginia requires 12 hours of CLE, four of which must be live.

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