CAAF Judicial Conference back on mission!

The Agenda for the CAAF Judicial Conference is here.

The agenda is back closer to mission and less of the interesting but arguably irrelevant topics.  Of special interest is Prof. Berman from Sentencing Law & Policy.  I read his excellent blog everyday.  He’s been talking for some time now about the sentencing issues relating to CP cases and the trend among federal judges to go below guidelines on a possession only case, reserving the stiffer sentences for those making the CP or using CP while commiting a sexual assault.  He’s also commented on the Sentencing Guidelines Commission considering lowering the minimums for certain CP related cases.  And of course there’s the Sexting issue.

We all need PTSD/TBI for defense of cases, especially clients who’ve been deployed.

For those who’ve been discouraged about the agenda over the past years this year looks to be much more on point – sign up, let’s go.

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