Bryant, and Bullcoming fallout?

Professor Friedman blogs today that:

This morning, the Supreme Court GVRed — granted, vacated, and remanded — the case of Allshouse v. Pennsylvania, No. 09-1396, for reconsideration in light of last week’s decision in Michigan v. Bryant.Allshouse involves statements by a four-year-old to a child protection agency worker investigating allegations of abuse. The petition was brought by Jeff Fisher; an amicus brief in support of it was filed by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Interestingly, Pennsylvania acknowledged in its Brief in Opposition that the case was worthy of certiorari — so the very short reply brief in support of the petition argued that cert should be granted immediately rather than after the decision in Bryant. But not surprisingly, the Court held the case pending Bryant, and now it has signaled, wisely I think, that before stepping into the very difficult area of children’s statements it wants to see how Bryant plays out in the lower courts.

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