At least 13 charges against Major Hasan

An official news release from Fort Hood PAO states that:

The charges filed against Hasan include 13 specifications of premeditated murder, in violation of Article 118, Uniform Code of Military Justice, (emphasis added).

hat-tip to CAAFLog.  The media has been speculating all afternoon based on a CID news conference.  I would not imagine CID to be a spokesperson for the Article 32, UCMJ, appointing authority, and if it’s CID, I’d want to see it in writing.  One suspects CID is wanting a little face time with the public.  CID investigates, they don’t decide what charges will be preferred.

This means that an Article 119a, UCMJ, charge could be on the preferred charge sheet for court-martial, as well as various assaults and attempts.

We should remember that this case is in the early stages.  Why the command felt the need to hurry up and prefer charges is debatable – they have started the R.C.M. 707 speedy trial clock, and it’s quite possible that the Article 10, UCMJ, speedy trial clock will start soon.  more like wanting to be political?  It should be anticipated that additional charges may or may not be added.  So long as Major Hasan is legitimately hospitalized I don’t see him being restrained for Article 10, UCMJ, purposes, although that will likely happen once he’s releasable from the hospital.

I’ve been queried by several reporters about release to restriction to base.  Aaah, no.  He’s a definite flight risk and a risk of additional misconduct.

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