Another one bites the dust`

Listen up:  “Every occasion of a proved false allegation has an insidious effect on public confidence, sometimes allowing doubts to creep into when one shouldn’t exist.”  Said the judge on sentencing.

That’s right, the failure to hold people accountable for false accusations harms true victims.

Col Christensen of POD says this doesn’t happen and that people don’t make false allegations for these reasons.  Sorry mate, read this.

A girl who falsely accused two army soldiers of trying to rape her because she felt ashamed about sleeping with them both has been jailed.

The following is called a motive to lie in courtroom parlance.

The following day her boyfriend heard rumours she had been unfaithful and confronted her.

Richess ‘panicked’ and made up the false claim that the two innocent men, aged 23 and 24, had forced themselves on her because she was too ashamed to tell him she had cheated on him.

Her partner of three years made her go to the police to report the ‘attack’.

Richess even gave a ‘tearful’ account of the co-called crime to officers and ‘illicitly gained their empathy.’

Yes, tears can be faked, as can other “symptoms” of sexual assault.  Yes, a false complainer can present with all the signs and symptoms of someone actually assaulted.

In the U.S. military, it is unlikely, not impossible, that any action would have been taken against this liar, except coddling her because she deserves concern for her problems.

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