A piece of history

Crowder’s next orders took him to Fort Yates, North Dakota, where the United States Army attempted to suppress the religious Ghost Dance movement. While stationed at Fort Yates, Crowder proved successful in his legal defense in three court-martial proceedings. His actions were noted by Army superiors and after being promoted to the rank of captain, Crowder was reassigned to the Judge Advocate Generals Corps in 1895.

Says a piece in the Neosho Daily about Enoch Crowder.

BG Crowder is well known to historians of military justice for the sometimes contentious but always entertaining Ansell – Crowder dispute on military justice and see here.

In 1911, Crowder became a brigadier general and head of the Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps. As such, Crowder’s influence on the Army’s military justice system became major. Among his other accomplishments, Crowder revised the Articles of War, rewrote the Manual for Court Martial, and worked to improve military prisons.

Contemporary readers will know that in some ways the debate and dispute continues.

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