A new era of transparency?

Military.com reports that:

Gitmo Trials to get Limited Broadcast to USThe Obama administration’s handpicked choice to run prosecutions at the Guantanamo war crimes court is pledging a new era of transparency from the remote base, complete with near simultaneous transmissions of the proceedings to victims and reporters on U.S. soil.

Army Brig. Gen. Mark Martins made the disclosure in a profile published Sunday in the Weekly Standard that likened the West Point, Oxford and Harvard Law graduate to a James Bond-style problem solver. It also cast Martins as “The Rebrander” of the at-times denounced military commissions system, which Barack Obama scorned as a candidate and senator then reformed with Congress as president.

(emphasis added)

Standby for breaks in the feed when classified issues arise.  Also, the article notes several potential caveats:

Even with transmissions to the the U.S., coverage of what goes on at the tribunals will be limited.

There is no indication that the transmissions will be available for broadcast by television networks in the United States.

A Pentagon spokeswoman was unable to confirm the new transmission policy on Sunday, nor specify where the proceedings would be shown in the United States.

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