Instructions-withdrawal from a conspiracy

Federal Evidence Review alerts us that:

The Seventh Circuit is the first circuit to publish revised jury instructions based on the recent ruling Supreme Court ruling clarifying the burden to withdraw from a conspiracy in Smith v. United States, 568 U.S. _, 133 S.Ct. 714 (Jan. 9, 2013), which abrogated prior Seventh Circuit cases on the issue

On January 9, 2013, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision clarifying the burden of proof to establish withdrawal from a conspiracy. In a decision authored by Justice Antonin Scalia, the Court held that the defendant holds the burden to prove withdrawal and the government does not bear any burden to disprove withdrawal. See Smith v. United States, 568 U.S. _, 133 S.Ct. 714 (Jan. 9, 2013). The ruling resolved a split on the issue among the circuits.

If you have this situation and COL Hargis hasn’t issued a interim change to the Benchbook, check here.

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