A new book in military justice.

For those interested in the history of "military justice" history there is a new book available.

Thomas P. Lowry, MD, Confederate Death Sentences: A Reference Guide, BookSurge Pub. (2009).

Product Description:
The Confederate armies maintained discipline by flogging, branding, tattooing, hanging, and shooting their soldiers. The disruptions of 1865 scattered and/or destroyed most the records of rebel military justice. The authors have assembled, from many sources, the most complete record of Confederate death sentences ever published. In addition to individuals facing a firing squad, there were mass executions, brothers shot together, fathers and sons shot together, and wives watching their husbands being shot. These vignettes, together with tabulated lists, tell of a hard and unglamorous war, and will be a guide for future writers.

Lowry is a known and respected writer on the American Civil War.  His other books related to the Civil War and military justice include:

Lowry, Thomas P., MD, Tarnished Eagles: The Courts-Martial of Fifty Union Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels, Stackpole Bks (1997).

Lowry, Thomas P., M.D. & Jack D. Welsh, M.D. Tarnished Scalpels: The Court-Martials of Fifty Union Surgeons, Stackpole Bks (2000).

Thomas P. Lowry, Beverly Lowry, Don't Shoot That Boy! Abraham Lincoln and Military Justice, De Capo Press (1999).

Additional military justice reading, other than case-books.